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Citywide Art Exhibit Continues the Story of US

Thousand People Italian Portraiture Exchange to Takeover the City March 25 - April 9, 2018

Art Exhibit

[Columbus, OH] - A picture is worth a thousand words. What will yours say? Greater Columbus Sister Cities International with the support of Columbus City Council will host the Thousand People art exhibit by Emanuele Timothy Costa, in various Columbus landmarks from March 25 - April 9, 2018. 

The Thousand People photo exhibit features the people of Genoa, Italy and will be displayed at the Cultural Arts Center, John Glenn International Airport, the Columbus Museum of Art, the Greater Columbus Convention Center and Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

People on the Street: A Portrait Photography Pop Up

“As a lover and collector of art, I am excited to see the Thousand People of Genoa exhibit,” said Councilmember Priscilla Tyson, who championed the exchange after leading a 2015 Young Professionals Exchange to Genoa, Italy. “Having visited our sister City of Genoa, and met its wonderful citizens, I am sure that visitors to the exhibit in Columbus will be able to get a sense of the Italian Port City residents by viewing these images.” 

While in Columbus, Costa will begin a new chapter of the Thousand People project. In addition to displaying his current collection throughout various venues around Columbus, he will begin the Thousand People of Columbus exhibit, taking photographs of the people in the Greater Columbus region. The photos in this collection will be displayed in an exhibit in Genoa, Italy, in 2019.

“When I visited Columbus in 2016, I was impressed by the diversity of the city,” said Timothy Costa. “Often, we become so consumed by our own lives that we miss the opportunity to meet the eyes of the people we pass, possibly missing a connection that could change our lives. Thousand People of Columbus will allow the community to discover themselves and show their unique personality to the rest of the world.”

Costa is most known for his exhibit called Thousand People of Genoa, which is a collection of portraits that represents the culture of his hometown of Genoa. He will recreate this work with new subjects, from throughout Central Ohio, in a new exhibit - Thousand People of Columbus. 

The idea for this project began when Costa was working as a young photographer. While telling the stories of his community, he grew increasingly passionate about photography and realized his city could be best represented by the grace and humanity of its people, thus inspiring him to create the #ThousandPeople project. 

His inspiration is simple. Costa believes that one can learn someone’s story by simply looking into their eyes. That seeing a familiar face creates a sense of connection, belonging and understanding, regardless of how different another may appear. That each wrinkle has its own story and the viewer decides how to embrace the charm, mystery and passion that a person represents.

What makes Costa’s photos unique is his self-developed lighting technology. His equipment, Elettra4T, consists of a system of lights built on a structure which was designed to create a unique level of light exposure. This system brings about a new era in photography by adding an extra dimension of shadows and highlights that capture the subjects most intimate details.   

To participate in this program, please visit, or contact Sameen Dadfar, Program Manager of Greater Columbus Sister Cities International at 614-230-8590