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Art Affair highlights the work of Jim and Dotty Willis. Dotty, who has a lifelong love with the arts, has inspired her husband of 54 years to pursue the art of painting together. Taking painting classes at CAC on a regular basis allows them to be creative and spend quality time together, hence creating their Art Affair.
Event Date: May 01, 2018
Event Type: Arts
Event Location: Cultural Arts Center

Art Affair

Jim and Dotty started dating their senior year of high school, and married as they completed their Ohio State University education. After fifty four years of marriage, Dotty is still learning things about Jim.
Dotty took art lessons in the 1970s at the Columbus Cultural Art Center. She came from a family always involved in the arts.  Her grandfather was a professional artist and musician, her mother a professional dancer, and her dad a professional musician. Jim on the other hand had a dad who was an accountant, and a mother who was a traditional housewife and wonderful cook. Jim escorted his wife through the many years to ballet performances and other art venues, but never showed an interest in pursuing any art endeavors.

A couple of years ago Jim said to Dotty “Do you remember that place where you took art classes? Why don’t we go and give that a try together”.

The major reason for their art classes is enjoying the time together, and retirement has allowed Dotty and Jim to spend even more quality time together, hence their “Art Affair.”

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