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Enhanced Meter Project

The Department of Public Utilities has approximately 300,000 water meters and 16,000 electric meters that serve more than 1.2 million people. The Enhanced Meter Project (EMP) will allow both the Division of Water (DOW) and the Division of Power (DOP) to collect electronic meter readings and provide expanded services for customers.

The project’s goals are: 

  • enhance customer service
  • achieve greater operational efficiency
  • improve accuracy and transparency 

Residential water customers who live in Columbus and in several contracting suburbs are billed for water on a quarterly basis while commercial water customers are billed on a monthly basis. 

The DOP has residential and commercial customers who are billed on a monthly basis. Earnings from the sale of electricity are used to maintain and operate the city’s street light system. 

The City of Columbus is working with a consultant team on an outreach plan to help residents and businesses understand the benefits of the EMP. DPU will periodically update the public installation timelines and neighborhoods impacted by the project. Customers will be notified by mail when contractors are beginning in their area. The project website will also be updated. 

The project will be completed in phases during the next several years. An initial pilot project is expected to begin in the fall of 2022, followed by a larger rollout in 2023.  Completion of all meter conversions is scheduled to occur by mid 2025.

Financing for the EMP is being provided thanks to a below-market rate loan through the OEPA’s Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA) Program.

The Ohio EPA has completed a Limited Environmental Review (LER) for this project. View the LER and letter of "Notice of Issuance of a Limited Environmental Review and Final Finding of No Significant Impact to All Interested Citizens, Organizations and Government Agencies.”