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News Date: July 10, 2018

City of Columbus Announces Opening of CNG West Fueling Station

This morning, Columbus Finance and Management Director Joe Lombardi officially opened the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) West Fueling Station at 5115 Krieger Court, the fourth and largest fueling site in the City of Columbus. The West CNG station is another step in making Columbus an environmentally friendly city.  

“Under the leadership of Mayor Andrew Ginther, the City continues to invest in cleaner and environmentally safer fuel,” said Lombardi. “CNG reduces carbon emissions by approximately eighty percent and produces less greenhouse gases than traditional fuel. Since utilizing CNG as a fuel source in 2010, the City of Columbus has saved taxpayers approximately $3 million in fuel costs.”

The West CNG station is the first of the four city fueling sites to combine all of the various fuel types including diesel, unleaded and CNG with the infrastructure to later add propane fuel. This station is also a “fast fill” which means that vehicles are able to refuel there as quickly as filling a diesel tank at a regular station. 

All four of the city’s CNG fueling stations are for public fleets, private fleets and individual use. The facility located near downtown was a partnership between the City and COTA (Central Ohio Transit Authority). 

Currently, the City has 244 CNG vehicles in service that use almost 500,000 gges (or gasoline gallon equivalents) a year. Not only has this helped to save taxpayers money, but it also has a significantly positive impact on the environment. Vehicles using CNG emit much lower levels of harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides.