Adopted Plans

Plans are adopted by Columbus City Council to guide development review within the city, specifically focusing on rezoning and variance requests. Adopted plans focus on land use and design. Planning Division staff work with community members to develop and build consensus for the plans prior to Council adoption. 

Adopted plans apply to specific geographies. To view plans for an area of Columbus, visit the Document Library. To view documents related to the Columbus Citywide Planning Policies, search for "C2P2" in the library.

Columbus Citywide Planning Policies

The Columbus Citywide Planning Policies (C2P2) were adopted in July 2018 as a framework for land use planning in Columbus. The most current land use plans are based on and work with the base policies of C2P2. To view the base policies, click the link below:

Columbus Citywide Planning Policies

For more information about Columbus Citywide Planning Policies, visit


Document Library

Click to view adopted plans.

Plans in Progress

Click to view the Planning Division's land use plans currently in progress.