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News Date: September 05, 2018

Mayor Ginther Announces Legislation to Protect, Promote Use of Mobility Devices

Mayor Andrew J. Ginther announced proposed legislation to protect users of mobility devices, such as e-scooters and dockless rental bikes. The legislation will be presented to Columbus City Council this week. In addition, Mayor Ginther directed Public Service Director Jennifer Gallagher to implement limited emergency rules to protect pedestrians and other mobility device users.

The proposed legislation and limited emergency rules, coupled with recent rules and regulations that address companies who use the public right of way to rent e-scooters and dockless bikes, are part of a comprehensive look at the fast-emerging industry that has taken root in Columbus and in many cities around the state and nation.

“In Columbus, we are excited about the expanding options to navigate our great city. It’s our responsibility to both promote these mobility options and protect everyone sharing the road with bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters ,” Mayor Ginther said. “Our proposed legislation and limited emergency rules are grounded in those goals.”

The legislation governing the operation of e-scooters and dockless rental bikes that will be presented to Council for its consideration will address issues including:

  • Where mobility devices can be operated, such as keeping them on the roadway and not on the sidewalks.
  • What safety precautions riders must take, such as yielding to pedestrians, navigating traffic and bike lanes and following current traffic regulations.
  • How the city defines mobility devices now and in the future.

Additionally, until this proposed legislation is adopted by City Council, Mayor Ginther has directed Public Service Director Gallagher to put in place emergency temporary rules and regulations that direct riders of e-scooters to ride in the roadway and not on the sidewalks.

The soon-to-be coming rules and regulations governing the operations of mobility devices, as well as recently released rules and regulations governing how they are parked in the public right of way, are the result of months-long discussions led by the City of Columbus Department of Public Service with many public agencies including the Department of Public Safety, Columbus Public Health, the Office of the City Attorney and the Smart Columbus program office. The department has also engaged community members and mobility device companies in developing the proposed legislation.