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Sustainable Columbus  
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Alana Shockey
Deputy Director, Sustainable Columbus
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Erin Beck
Assistant Director
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David R. Celebrezze
Resilience and Behavior Change Manager
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Bethany Bella
Building and Energy Coordinator
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Sara Ernst
Natural Resource Protection Coordinator
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Katherine "Swid" Swidarski
Climate Action Plan Implementation Manager
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Teneah Chambers
Green Jobs & Aggregation Coordinator
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Columbus waterways are life. With 9 watersheds in the city, they provide highways for wildlife, drinking water supply for resident, and many opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Each road crossing over a stream in the City of Columbus and Franklin County is clearly marked with the stream name to help bring attention to the natural resources many people drive by each day without otherwise noticing. Signage is also posted at the boundaries of each watershed. 

Removal of dams allows streams and rivers to return to their natural state to benefit water quality and wildlife. The Department of Public Utilities, in partnership with Ohio EPA and The Ohio State University, restored the Olentangy River at 5th Avenue after the removal of a low head dam. Simultaneously, the Main Street dam located on the Scioto River downtown was removed. The project added approximately 33 acres of greenspace to the heart of downtown. Additionally, the City of Columbus assisted the Friends of Alum Creek and Tributaries (FACT) in an effort to remove two non-essential dams located on the Alum Creek in Nelson Park and Wolfe Parks.

Current efforts to restore Columbus’ waterways can be found at MORPC

Additional Blueways information and information about the Olentangy Trail