Sustainable Columbus  
910 Dublin Road
Columbus, OH 43215 

Bryan M. Clark
Deputy Director
Phone: (614) 645-6992

Erin Beck
Assistant Director, Sustainable Columbus 
Phone: (614) 645-3522

David R. Celebrezze  
GreenSpot Coordinator 
Phone: (614) 645-6703

Jenna Tipaldi  
Climate Advisor 
Phone: (614) 645-8116

LEED logo

LEED The City of Columbus has a policy to meet or exceed LEED certification standards for all new City owned facilities. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an internationally-recognized green building certification system. The City of Columbus proudly congratulates its community partners who have made the same commitment to build and renovate using LEED standards.  A video explaining LEED can be viewed here. The following city facilities are LEED certified: Vehicle Impound Offices; West Side Family Health Center; Glenwood Recreation Center; Old Columbus Police Station; Coleman Center.