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Pandemic Payment Relief Program for Power

A Payment Relief Program for City of Columbus Power customers offers a one-time credit of up to $500 annually to go towards an eligible residential electric bill.

Emergency funding is available to residential power customers who are having difficulty paying their electric bills or are at the point of disconnection. This pilot program for 2018 was made possible by an EcoSmart grant in partnership with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and the Local Government Energy Partnership. Funding is still available (2021). Apply online or print the brochure and application (PDF to print & mail).

General Information:

  • Funding is limited and provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The Power Payment Relief Program will run until funds are exhausted.
  • This program can be used in conjunction with the senior discount program and an already established payment plan.
  • Customers will receive a credit on their account, which will be noted in the city's utility billing system.
  • Emergency funding cannot exceed the total current balance on customer account.

For questions, please contact Customer Service at 614-645-8276 (weekdays 7am - 3pm).

Eligibility Requirements:

In order to receive the one-time assistance you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a Columbus Division of Power customer with an active account in their name, spouse’s name, or business name.
  2. Have a City of Columbus electricity account that is past due and in jeopardy of being disconnected.
  3. Household income must be less than 150% of the current U.S. Bureau of Census federal poverty level (see chart below). Proof of income, for all household members over 18, can be in the form of one (or more) of these documents: Income tax return or W-2 forms; Benefit letter(s) from Social Security; Pension award statement; a letter of participation for one of the following services: Food stamp benefits, Ohio Medicaid, Home Energy Assistance (HEAP), Ohio Works First, Public housing benefits.

    OR Must have been impacted by the Covid19 pandemic (includes lost wages or business closure since March 2020) and provide:
    - Commercial customer: business type, dates of closure or reduced operations, and reason for closure or reduced operations during the pandemic.
    - Residential customer: documentation of unemployment during the pandemic.

Qualifying Income Levels for the this program are based on the income of all household members over 18; the maximum gross income follows:
Household Size / Maximum Income:

1 $21,146
2 $28,016
3 $32,747
4 $41,363
5 $47,765
6 $53,294
7 $58,437
8 $66,311
9 or more $78,579

NOTE: Based on the Federal Poverty Level which adjusts annually (typically in February). Above are the current 2022 figures.

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