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News Date: December 14, 2018

City of Columbus Accepting Applications for the Small Business Assessment Advisory Committee

The City of Columbus is now accepting applications for the Small Business Assessment Advisory Committee, a component of Mayor Andrew J. Ginther’s Reimagining Small Business Initiatives announced earlier this month. Applications are available online and must be turned in by January 8, 2019. All applicants must submit a current resume’ or vitae along with the application.

The Reimagining Small Business Initiatives furthers two of Mayor Ginther’s strategic priorities – economic development and Neighborhood Development. As part of this process, Mayor Ginther has commissioned a comprehensive assessment and study to understand and inform strategies, policies, and budgetary requirements aimed at developing a robust city-sponsored small business support system.   

“The goal of the Small Business Assessment Advisory Committee is to ensure that the consultant team receives critical on-the-ground input that will become the basis for a small business implementation strategy that will define the City’s role in supporting entrepreneurship-based economic development,” said Mayor Ginther. “The Small Business Advisory Committee will help to inform and review the work of the consultant team with regards to current small business programs and conditions within the local, regional and national small business ecosystem including access to capital, and gaps and opportunities.”

The Small Business Advisory Committee will also serve as ambassadors for the Mayor’s Reimagining Small Business Initiatives helping to inform the broader community.

To be eligible, candidates must either be a resident of the City of Columbus or own AND operate a small business within the City. Elected officials, candidates for public office, city employees and registered lobbyists are not eligible to serve. Advisory committee members will serve without compensation.

The deadline for applications is January 8, 2019. Appointments to the committee will be made by Mayor Ginther on or before January 18, 2019 with an initial kickoff committee meeting planned for January 24 or 25, 2019, based on availability of selected committee members.  All subsequent committee meetings will be set and governed by a schedule that will be made available after the initial meeting.