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Donnetta Peaks

Donnetta Peaks is the Director of Clergy Recruitment, Candidacy, and Licensing for the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church.

I love helping people to connect their passions, talent, and skills onto a path that matches their purpose in life. I provide leadership to the ongoing expansion and execution of the clergy professional development system for the West Ohio Conference. I have always felt the desire to teach and lift others to live their best lives possible. While a Lead Pastor, I led worship, preached, coordinated small groups, facilitated bible studies, and provided administrative and organizational leadership to congregations in Columbus, Springfield, and Toledo, Ohio. Currently, I am working hard on behalf of those who have a desire to pursue a call to set apart ministry and for those who have been in ministry and need to continue to grow to lead effectively.

I am the daughter of Gloria and Don (hence Donnetta) Peaks and sibling to Regina, Ryan, and Yolanda. I was a cheerleader for the brown and gold of the Columbus Beechcroft Cougars and now I am a proud cheerleader for people to win in life.