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Speeding on residential streets negatively impacts City of Columbus residents and neighborhoods. All residents, pedestrians and roadway users have a right to safely use the city’s transportation network.

A review of 311 service requests found clusters of traffic calming requests for one-way residential streets, especially in the Linden and Hilltop neighborhoods. A review of existing speed data showed higher speeding rates on one-way streets in these neighborhoods. The findings, along with a recommendation from the One Linden Plan, initiated the Slow Streets Study to consider converting one-way streets to two-way streets, also known as yield streets. This study will also review other potential tools for traffic calming.

What is a Yield Street?

A yield, or courtesy, street is a two-way residential street that is 22 to 28 feet wide with parking. Drivers must yield to each other to pass. This yield condition can slow speeds. Yield streets are a common residential street configuration throughout the City, including in Linden.

How to Drive on a Yield Street? Click Here (coming soon)

Slow Streets Linden Implementation

Building on the success of our Slow Streets Linden Pilot project to slow traffic speeds on residential streets, we will be expanding Slow Streets and converting the remainder of one-way streets in Linden to two-way Yield Streets. In addition, more than 30 new and upgraded crosswalks will be installed throughout the neighborhood to support pedestrian safety.

These safety improvements will begin in early August 2021 and be completed by October 2021. The project schedule, street list and crosswalk locations can be found by visiting

Following implementation, the Department of Public Service will continue to collect data to assess vehicle speeds and conduct field observations. During this period we encourage residents to submit feedback using one of the following options:


Additional Documents

Slow Streets Linden Park Pilot Project

In September of 2020, the City launched the Slow Streets Linde Park Pilot project. This project converted four streets in the North Linden area near the newly constructed Linden Opportunity Center. The streets converted were:

  • Myrtle Ave (Dresden to Cleveland)
  • Briarwood Ave (Hamilton to Greenwich)
  • Republic Ave (Hamilton to Cleveland)
  • Loretta Ave (Hamilton to Cleveland)

The pilot project ran for a three month period, officially ending in December of 2020. Results from this project showed that changing the streets to two-way traffic positively influenced driver behavior and lowered overall average speeds.

Slow Streets Hilltop Pilot Project

Building on the success of the Linden Pilot Project, three streets in the Hilltop will be converted in June of 2021. The three streets to be converted are:

  • S. Harris Ave (Sullivant Ave to Eakin Rd)
  • S. Warren Ave (Sullivant Ave to Eakin Rd)
  • S. Ogden Ave (Sullivant Ave to Eakin Rd)

We want to hear from residents during the street conversion pilot. Share your comments using one of these options:

A final comment period for the Hilltop Pilot Project is currently underway and will be open until 6-30-2022. To submit a comment please use the above options.


Linden Pilot Project Information Flyer

Hilltop Pilot Project Mailer

Linden Pilot Project Final Report

Slow Streets Study

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