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Columbus Litter League

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Registration is open until April 13thRegister here


The Columbus Litter League is a competitive, team style litter abatement initiative.  The 2019 season will launch on Saturday, May 18th and will run until Saturday, August 24th.

The Litter League will be divided into four divisions - South, West, North and East - and teams will be able to select the division they would like to play under.

To view each division, see the following maps

South Division Map

West Division Map

North Division Map

East Division Map


Teams will send in their data after each cleanup and will be scored within their division.  Points are earned based on number of bags filled.  Once the season opens, a scoreboard will be kept here on the Litter League web page.

Important Info

Litter League Safety Checklist

Columbus Litter League Rules

Litter League Waiver

And a special thanks to our main sponsor, the Columbus Clippers!