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Officer John Manning
Entered Division of Police:
January 26, 1888
Died in the Line of Duty:
November 17, 1888

Officer John Manning's death was the result of a stab wound he received in the line of duty on November 3, 1888 while attempting to break up a fight between three men near the intersection of Chestnut Street and North 3rd Street.  Alonzo Flowers and Robert Stevenson were two of the men fighting and as Officer Manning attempted to stop the fight by wrapping his arms around Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Flowers stabbed Officer Manning in the face with a large butcher knife.  After the stabbing Mr. Flowers and Mr. Stevenson escaped from the scene but both were arrested two days later and charged with murder.  Mr. Flowers was later convicted of manslaughter by a jury and sentenced to two years in the Ohio Penitentiary.