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SR 315 at North Broadway Interchange Improvements

Description and Benefits:

This project will deliver enhancements to the SR315 at North Broadway/Olentangy River Road interchange and the surrounding area that will improve vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian access within the North Broadway and Olentangy River Road corridors to accommodate current and future development opportunities in the area. The project will be undertaken in multiple phases, for which a general schedule is provided below:

  1. Removal of ramp 6C – Completed Fall 2017

  2. Installation of the temporary SR315 alignment – Completed 2018

  3. Construction of OhioHealth Parkway – Completed Spring 2019

  4. Improvements to the North Broadway/OhioHealth Parkway intersection – Completed Summer 2019

  5. Improvements to Health Community Way – In Progress (see below)

  6. Replacement of the water main in Olentangy River Road – Completed Fall 2019

  7. Interchange improvements including the construction of a new southbound exit ramp from SR315 to North Broadway and modifications to Olentangy River Road, North Broadway, and Thomas Lane – In Progress (see below)

  8. Installation of a shared use path (SUP) on Olentangy River Road from Thomas Lane to McConnell Drive – In Progress (see below)

Progress Update (As of 01-28-2020)

  • Entrance ramp from N Broadway eastbound to SR 315 southboundand retention pond expansion:
    • This work began in January and is anticipated to continue through March/April.  The target is to have the new ramp open by the end of February, weather permitting.
  • Olentangy River Road at Thomas Lane:  
    • Starting in January signal work continued in this intersection and will continue through the spring.
    • February/March crews will be replacing the median islands on Olentangy River Road as well as the crosswalk island at Thomas/White Cross.
  • North Broadway/Hospital Drive Entrance:  
    • April/May work will begin reconstructing the intersection at the south entrance to Riverside Methodist Hospital.  The first phase of work will be on the northeast and southeast corners of the intersection.  The second phase will be on the northwest corner of the intersection.  Each phase is anticipated to last a month.
    • Signal and lighting work is anticipated to continue through the winter and spring.
  • Olentangy River Road at North Broadway:
    • Signal and street lighting work will be on-going beginning in February through the spring in this intersection.
    • Sidewalk completion will also begin hopefully in March, weather permitting.
  • Olentangy River Road and Healthy Community Way:
    • Signal work in the intersection resumed in January and will continue through spring.
    • Sidewalk completion will also begin hopefully in March, weather permitting.
  • Resurfacing of Olentangy River Road:
    • Anticipated to begin resurfacing of Olentangy River Road, Healthy Community Way, and Thomas Lane in late April/May pending completion of signal.
  • Resurfacing of North Broadway:
    • Resurfacing of North Broadway will take place following the intersection improvements at Hospital Drive. Tentative to begin in June.
  • Resurfacing of SR-315:
    • Due to temperatures, this work is anticipated to take place beginning early June/July.

There is also median light pole work to be completed in spring/summer.


    Design: $4,700,000

    Construction, materials and inspections: $35,000,000


    City of Columbus Construction Project Manager: Justin Ginnetti, P.E., (614) 645-7883 or 7919; [email protected]
    Designer: Burgess and Niple and EMH&T
    Construction contractors: Shelly & Sands and Decker Construction