Downtown Commission

Event Date: November 01, 2019
Event Type: Exhibitions
Event Location: Cultural Arts Center

Fuse Factory Annual Exhibition

November 1 – December 14, 2019
Frequency Fridays: Friday, November 1 | Doors open @ 7 pm | Performance @ 7:30 pm
Artists’ Reception: Friday, November 8 | 6-8 pm
Conversations & Coffee – Artist Talk: Thursday, November 21 | Noon – 1 pm

FFE 2019 is considering how new media art translates the ongoing technological phenomena of replication, imitation, variation, reproduction, and mutation responding to technological evolution at the nexus of digital culture. In addition to being the second season of TechnoMEME, FFE 2019 views artistic possibilities of technological and biological matters and platforms that create cultural and behavioral practice as ‘human-nonhuman-meme’, which can be enabled to transmit and replicate between human scientific endeavors and nature. To learn more about the Fuse Factory, visit: