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Safe Routes to School - Toronto Street Sidewalks

This project will build sidewalks on south side of Toronto Street between Trevitt Street to north of Champion Avenue to Provide connectivity where gaps occur between existing sidewalk.

Comments for this project will be accepted until February 7, 2020.  Comments may be submitted to the project manager (contact information below).

Estimated Costs:
Design: $162,000
Right-of-way acquisition: $15,000
Construction: $378,256

Tentative Schedule:
Design: Complete In Winter 2020
Right-of-way acquisition: Winter 2020 to winter 2021
Construction: Summer 2021

Contact Information:
City of Columbus Design Project Manager: Kyle Hardy, tel. (614) 645-2732, [email protected]
Designer: DynoTec Inc.
Construction Contractor: Strawser Paving