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January 9, 2020


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News Date: January 09, 2020

ParkColumbus Mobile App and Streamlined Rates Coming to Downtown Parking Meters in February

Implementation of Downtown parking meter rate recommendations to improve management of on-street parking access and availability will begin Feb. 24, the Columbus Division of Parking Services has announced. 

The ParkColumbus mobile payment app will launch Downtown for use at all metered parking spots. The app, already available in neighborhoods including the Short North and Brewery District, allows users to extend their parking time from their smartphone. 

In addition, Parking Services will implement a simplified three-tiered rate adjustment and time limit structure at more than 2,800 Downtown parking meters to include:

  • Value meters at 50 cents per hour with no time limit
  • In-demand meters at $1 per hour with a 3-hour time limit
  • High turnover meters at $1.50 per hour with a 30-minute time limit (75 cents for 30 minutes)

Implementation of the mobile pay app and rate changes Downtown may take a few weeks to complete after the Feb. 24 start date.

“The City of Columbus is excited to implement the Downtown Strategic Parking Plan and to modernize how we provide accessible and equitable parking and mobility options to Downtown residents, workers and visitors during this time of tremendous growth,” said Jennifer L. Gallagher, Director of the Department of Public Services.

The Downtown Strategic Parking Plan provides a system-wide approach to bring on-street parking rates in line with off-street rates, streamline time limits and decrease confusion.

“We are providing a strategic approach to parking and transportation demand management Downtown that creates parking availability and turnover, manages congestion and distributes parking demand,” said Robert Ferrin, Assistant Director of Parking Services.      

The meter rate adjustments and ParkColumbus app addition are among recommendations made in the Downtown parking plan. Other recommendations include use of demand-based pricing and creation of a Parking Benefit District to reinvest some meter revenue into improving parking and mobility Downtown.

Parking Services will monitor and evaluate how the new rate structure is performing in the first six months of implementation and, if needed, consider adjustments to be responsive to the community and parking demand. The division’s parking rules and regulations have been updated to allow for an hourly meter rate increase of 50 cents in locations where on-street occupancy is at 90% or higher. The regulations also allow for an hourly decrease of 50 cents if the average parking occupancy in the area is less than 30%.

Throughout the Downtown plan study and development, extensive community engagement occurred with stakeholders including Downtown residents, businesses, employees, the hospitality industry, government and higher education.

The comprehensive study looked at data and factors such as existing parking conditions, parking behaviors including occupancy and turnover, curb inventory, land use and mobility.

The Downtown plan was developed in Parking Services’ comprehensive Strategic Parking Plan initiative that also studied Franklinton, the University District and South of Downtown neighborhoods German Village, the Brewery District and South Side. Recommendations for those study areas are forthcoming.