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MFV visiting the City of Columbus

MFV Visiting Flow Chart

MFV’s that are local/out of town or out of state that do not have a Columbus License that are expecting to operate in the City of Columbus at Events/Festivals must complete the following before being allowed to operate.

** Propane Pressure/Leak Test**

Documentation of a completed/passed Propane Pressure Leak Test was performed within the past 12 months. Per Ohio Fire Code (c) 320.6.3 (xiii) Piping systems, including hose, shall be pressure tested and proven free of leaks in accordance with section 6.14 of NFPA 58 as listed in rule 1301:7- 7-80 of the Administrative Code.

Propane Pressure Leak Test shall be performed PRIOR to Event/Festival. The test is to be performed by a Licensed Propane Technician or Licensed Plumber (State Certification/License# will need to be provided in paperwork). Out of town vendors should have this completed prior to showing up at the event.

Use the form linked below if you do not have current documentation reflecting a passed Propane Pressure Leak Test within the last 12 months:

Columbus Fire Visiting MFV Propane Pressure Leak Test Form (CFD Form- Visiting PPLT).

**Health Inspection** Will be performed by the city health department prior to the beginning of the Event/Festival.

Compliant MFV- After all inspections are performed and passed, the MFV will be deemed a compliant MFV for the Event/Festival.

**Fire Inspection** Will be performed ONLY after documentation that a Propane Pressure/Leak Test was completed. An Event Inspection will be performed to verify the MFV is safe to operate within the City of Columbus at the time of the event. Vendors that do not provide this documentation will not be allowed to operate at the event.


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