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CONTACT INFO Columbus Division of Fire
3639 Parsons Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43207
Office: 614.221.3132
Fire Prevention Bureau : 614.645.7641

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MFV operating in the City of Columbus.

MFV License Flow Chart

Mobile Food Vending (MFV)-Food Trucks, Trailers or Carts that are starting the process of obtaining licensure.

Conatact the License Section-4252 Groves Rd., Columbus, Oh. 43232.

Phone: 614-645-8366 or 614-645-8912. Email: [email protected]

The License Section is where the MFV Owner will START and eventually COMPLETE the licensing process. MFV owner’s acquire licensure packet, pay fees and submit information for background check, insurance and financial good standing BEFORE doing anything else.

Licensure Packet will include the Fire Inspection Acknowledgement/Propane Pressure Leak Test Form. This form can only be obtained from the License Section and must be completed in the following order

  1.  License Section
  2.  Health Inspection
  3.  Propane pressure leak test 
  4.  Columbus Fire Safety inspection.

Health Inspection- To schedule a Columbus Health Inspection call (614) 645-6741.

Fire Inspection- Scheduled and performed ONLY after Propane Pressure/Leak Test performed and passed. You can find a list of licensed providers here.

The Propane Professional conducting the propane pressure leak test will fill out the appropriate section of the form and attach two (2) copies of the pass/fail report to the form. The Fire Inspection Acknowledgement/Propane Pressure Leak Test Form with the attached passing results must be presented at the time of the fire inspection. 

MFV Fire Inspections take place at 4252 Groves Rd Columbus, OH 43232 (City of Columbus License Section) by appointment only.

MFV units must arrive ready to operate with fuel, propane (if being used), required equipment and paperwork.

Informational and safety related documents below.

For questions about the Fire Safety Inspection, you can email [email protected] or call/text 614-206-6809.