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February 14, 2020

Last night, I was honored to give the first State of the City address of my second term. You elected me to continue to move this city forward with shared prosperity and equity, and the plan I laid out will do exactly that.

In short, the State of the City is strong, but in order for Columbus to reach its full potential as America’s Opportunity City, we must grow dynamically and inclusively.

My priorities are birth-to-five, diversity and inclusion, neighborhoods, public safety and health, economic development, affordable housing, innovation and sustainability. But ultimately they are all about equity.

We live in a country that is more segregated than ever, and we continue to live more segregated lives. I know there are divisions right here in Columbus – last night, there was a protest by a few concerned, passionate residents.  In my speech, I addressed some of their issues. While I respect their right to protest, I hope they will also accept the invitation my office has extended to meet and discuss how we can work together. 

Real change is not quick or easy.  It can be messy and frustrating. We need everyone to show up, learn from all voices and be willing to learn and change to close this divide.

I believe our best days are still ahead of us, and I know we will get there together.