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Subcommittee - Faith and Community

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The Columbus and Franklin County Addiction Plan, (C&FCAP), Faith and Community Subcommittee defines, Recovery Congregation, as a faith based initiative that allows faith leaders, congregations and fellowship organizations to become collaborative partners in providing recovery programs and support for individuals and family members seeking help in battling addiction. 

If you want to be a C&FCAP Recovery Congregation and are willing to:

  • Welcome and support people seeking treatment 
  • Help to increase outreach, address stigma and make the possibility of recovery more visible to those impacted by the disease of addiction 
  • Connect individuals struggling with addiction to treatment and/or other supports
  • Facilitate understanding of what addiction, treatment and recovery are
  • Promote community partnerships between faith leaders and congregations with recovery and support services

Then please follow this link to the certification application which acknowledges your fellowship’s willingness to follow the best practice model of recovery congregations as stated:

faith-supportBest Practice Model

  1. View addiction as a treatable disease
  2. Provide spiritual/pastoral support
  3. Embrace and support people in recovery and walk with them on their journey
  4. Provide a visible outreach in the community
  5. Disseminate recovery information
  6. Host or refer individuals to recovery support groups