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Sullivant Avenue Streetscape - Hague Ave to I-70


The Department of Public Service is leading a comprehensive roadway rehabilitation project on Sullivant Avenue between I-70 and Hague Avenue. This $10 million investment on nearly two miles of Sullivant is part of Mayor Ginther’s multi-department revitalization plan for the corridor to support and empower the neighborhood.

Infrastructure improvements are being completed by the Divisions of Design and Construction, Infrastructure Management and Traffic Management, including:

  • Sidewalk replacement
  • Pedestrian and mobility safety enhancements 
  • Roadway repair
  • Alley rehabilitation
  • Stormwater ponding mitigation
  • Replacement of STOP signs and damaged/faded traffic signs
  • New pavement markings
  • Traffic signal replacement and new LED street light
  • Sullivant Bright public art, artistic lighting at the I-70 bridge underpass

In 2020, nearly 2,800 feet of sidewalk on the north side of Sullivant was repaired or replaced to ensure safe and equitable access for all users. Similar sidewalk improvements were made in 2021 on the south side of the street.

Roadway surface improvements made in 2020 included 73,100 feet of crack sealing. Surface treatment was completed on alleys running north and south of Sullivant between I-70 and Hague Avenue. 

In 2021-2022, work has continued to relocate utility poles, install new LED street lights and upgrade traffic signals. 

In 2022, new marked pedestrian crosswalks are being installed with shortened crossings via curb extensions and refuge islands. Bus bulb curb extensions are being placed at several bus stops to provide more pedestrian space and allow transit vehicles to make more efficient in-lane stops. These crossing and bus bulb features take the place of the temporary crossing and bus bulbs installed last year via Sullivant Bright plus add some additional locations. Also included in this work are driveway replacements at select locations to improve pedestrian mobility, decorative/specialty lighting at the Sullivant Avenue Underpass at I-70, and construction activities to facilitate the placement of public art as part of the Sullivant Bright project.

Beginning late 2023, to improve pedestrian safety and mobility along Sullivant Avenue, the Sullivant Avenue entrance ramp to eastbound I-70 will be reconfigured by eliminating the eastbound slip ramp from Sullivant and creating an eastbound right-turn lane at the existing intersection of Sullivant Avenue with the ramp from Sullivant Avenue westbound. Curb, sidewalk, street lighting, and other incidentals will be adjusted accordingly.

Public Art

Sullivant Bright Phase 1 took place in June 2021 with 15 artists installing murals directly on the street on Sullivant Avenue in locations where permanent bus bulbs and curb extensions will be installed in 2022. A series of poems by 5 local artists was also installed throughout the corridor.

Phase 2 will begin installation in 2022 and is expected to include the placement of three temporary sculptures, a permanent mural at the Sullivant Avenue Underpass at I-70, one public amenity zone, 5 traffic signal cabinet wraps, and 6 bus shelter wraps.

View the Sullivant Bright Public Art and Parklet Plan here


Construction – Traffic Signals & Street Lighting Summer 2021 Fall 2022
Construction – Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements, Driveway Improvements, Decorative/Specialty Bridge Lighting Spring 2022 Fall 2022
Sullivant Bright Phase 2 Summer 2022 Spring 2023
Design – I-70 EB Ramp Spring 2022 Spring 2023
Utility Relocations – I-70 EB Ramp Spring 2023 Late 2023
Construction – I-70 EB Ramp Early 2024* Fall 2024*

*Subject to funding approval by City Council and weather conditions


Design $1.1 million
Right-of-Way $200,000
Construction $6.8 million
Public Art $250,000


City of Columbus Design Project Manager Daniel Wayton, P.E., (614) 645-3797
City of Columbus Area Engineer Andrew Griesdorn, P.E., (614) 645-6370
Designer E.P. Ferris & Associates, Inc.
Public Art Planning and Implementation Designing Local Ltd.
Construction – Traffic Signals Complete General Construction
Construction – Street Lighting Danbert, Inc.
Construction – Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements, Driveway Improvements, Decorative/Specialty Bridge Lighting Shelly & Sands, Inc.