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The Commission On Black Girls Honors 2020 Grads!

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[Columbus, OH] The Class of 2020 is resilient and has a clear vision and promise! The traditional milestones of spring sports, prom, and graduation are either canceled or re-imagined as this year’s graduating class is finding unique ways to celebrate their capstone year of high school. In response, the Columbus City Council Commission on Black Girls (COBG) takes the celebration online to honor the achievements of this group of students.

"High school graduation is a rite of passage for which all graduates deserve recognition,” said Councilmember Priscilla Tyson. “The Commission on Black Girls is not only focused on enhancing the quality of life of Black girls to ensure their future success, but we also want to celebrate the achievements of Black girls now because we know many times their accomplishments and voices are not heard."

The COBG is utilizing social media to highlight the Black girls that are graduating in 2020. Residents are asked to submit information about Black girls in our community including their daughters, granddaughters, nieces, the girl next door, and the girl in the church choir to help us celebrate. Please share information about girls that COBG can honor.

Here is how you can help us honor Black girls graduating from high school or college:

  • Online: Click here to secure the recommendation form
  • Email: Send a message to [email protected] and provide the graduate's name, high school or college, photo, accomplishments, plans after graduation.

Posts honoring Black Girl Graduates will appear on Facebook, Instagram and the Commission on Black Girl’s website during May and June.

Join us. Let's celebrate these seniors and their 20-20 vision!