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Litter Free Lawns

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Keep Columbus Beautiful, the City’s Community Improvement program and our partner Lowes is pleased to launch Litter-Free-Lawns. Homeowners, tenants and landlords are encouraged to join this effort. You can put on a mask, gloves, and grab a trash bag to begin cleaning up litter and debris from your lawn, sidewalk and street around your property. You can have some fun and use a leaf blower to blow litter into a pile and put the litter in the bag. No matter how you do it, remember to tie up the bag and place it in your City Refuse container in time for collection day. If every resident on your street participates, you will have a visually clean street every week.

Take the Pledge to keeping your lawn litter free and find out how you can submit photos of your work to win weekly prizes. What are you waiting for?

Take the pledge!