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Committee Members

The Commission has five standing committees that bring together Commissioners, City employees and various Community partners for the collective power. We know diversity of thought drives the work faster and further together. Thank you to the Committee members for your commitment and expertise that guides this work. 

Each Committee is chaired by a Commissioner and is focused on one key area of work:  Gender Equity in the Workplace, Health, Housing, Workforce Development and Marketing/Communications.

Gender Equity in the Workplace Committee

Barb Smoot, Commissioner & Chair of the Gender Equity in the Workplace Committee 
Karim Ali, Commissioner
Lori Barreras, The Ohio State University
Susan Basso, Commissioner
Nichole Brandon, City of Columbus 
Francie Henry, Commissioner 
Veronica Knuth, Commissioner
Sarah Pariser, The Women's Fund of Central Ohio 
Ola Snow, Commissioner
Jim Thomas, Commissioner

Health Committee

Kate McGarvey, Commissioner & Chair of the Health Committee 
Elizabeth Brown, Columbus City Council
Priyam Chokshi, CelebrateOne 
Diego Espino, Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio 
Iris Harvey, Commissioner 
Daphne Kackloudis, Commissioner
Tiffany Krauss, Columbus Public Health 
Dr. Ngozi Osuagwu, Commissioner 
Dr. Mysheika Roberts, Columbus Public Health 
Heather Whaling, Commissioner 

Housing Committee 

Jillian Olinger, Commissioner & Chair of the Housing Committee 
Jeff Biehl, Community Member Biehl Consulting 
Jessica Clinger, Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk
Andrew Dyer, Columbus City Council 
Leah Evans, Commissioner 
Shayla Favor, Commissioner
Mike Hochron, Franklin County Commissioners  
Ben Horne, Legal Aid Society of Columbus
Hannah Jones, City of Columbus 
Jeff Lyttle, Commissioner
Rev. Donnetta Peaks, Commissioner
Stephanie Casey Pierce, Community Member
Tiara Ross, Columbus City Attorney’s Office 

Workforce Development Committee 

Ronnie L. Marquez-Posey, Commissioner & Chair of the Workforce Development Committee 
Brenda Barton, Central Ohio Labor Council
Carmen Barnes, Franklin County Department of Jobs & Family Services
Monica Cerrezuela, Commissioner
Gina Ginn, Commissioner
Angel Harris, Dress for Success
Lisa Patt-McDaniel, Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio 
Denise Robinson, Commissioner
Karen Vroman-Ells, Chicago Women in Trades 


Heather Whaling, Commissioner & Chair
Jennifer Fening, Columbus Partnership 
Heather Leonard, Commissioner
Sarah Townes, Experience Columbus