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Workforce Development

One in three households in Franklin County is headed by a woman, and the poverty rate for women-headed households with children is double that of all other households. Barriers to women’s economic security are significant: among other barriers, women face limited access to jobs that pay a livable wage, inequitable workplace policies, lack of access to child care, and lack of transportation.These systemic issues plague women in the workplace, and often leave women vulnerable to their circumstances.

The Commission is building awareness and pipelines for the skilled construction trades. These careers offer viable opportunities and equity in the workplace for women. In a partnership with Chicago Women in the Trades, the Commission is  exploring the impact of best practices, such as accessible child care, that support these careers. 


  • City of Columbus’ Community Benefits Agreements (CBA) guarantee a local workforce percentage on city building construction projects with an emphasis on a diverse workforce. The agreements offer benefits such as apprenticeships, focused job recruitment, and diversity and inclusion plans. 

  • The Commission  hosted a Women in the Trades Learning Session in March 2019 to educate women and minorities about careers in the trades and encourage their participation. These careers typically offer equitable wages.

  • The CWC helped to increase workforce development opportunities for women and minorities through the city’s Community Benefit Agreements on select city building projects.

  • The Commission and various partners hosted the Women’s Resiliency Celebration in June 2019 to celebrate the combined strength and individual resiliency of nearly 1,000 survivors of human trafficking, sexual assault, and domestic violence from the Columbus area.

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