Webinars from the Division of Income Tax

The Division of Income Tax is offering the following informational sessions to get taxpayers up to speed before the filing deadline.

2021 Filing Season Updates
Recording | Slides

The 2020 tax year included many changes at all levels of government that could impact your city return. This session covers these changes so that you're prepared to file by the May 17 individual return deadline! 

City Tax 101 for Individuals
Recording | Slides

There are over 900 municipalities in Ohio, and almost 700 of them leverage their own income tax. It can be hard to keep up with how city tax works. This webinar will cover the basics of how municipal income tax works, whether you need to file a Columbus return, and how to file if you do.

City Tax for Schedule C Business Owners and Rental Property Owners
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Do you own a rental property in Columbus? Did you receive a 1099 for income you earned last year? This webinar is for you! During this webinar, we'll explain city filing requirements for rental property owners and Schedule C business filers just in time for the deadline.

Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic: 

Ohio House Bill 197, referenced in these webinars, was amended by Ohio House Bill 110 in June 2021, after the recording of these webinars. Amended H.B. 197 instituted temporary language stating that on and after March 9, 2020, but before January 1, 2022, any day on which an employee performs personal services at a location, including the employee's home, which the employee is required to report for employment duties because of the declaration shall be deemed to be a day performing personal services at the employee's principal place of work. Furthermore, for tax year 2020, this provision applies to both an employer's tax withholding obligations and an employee's actual tax liability. As such, the Columbus Division of Income Tax will not grant refund requests for withholding paid to Columbus during tax year 2020 in accordance with C.C.C. 362.011 and Ohio H.B. 197, section 29 as amended by Ohio H.B. 110.