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News Date: September 17, 2020

Mayor Ginther Appoints Advisory Committee to Support Economic Recovery from COVID-19

Mayor Andrew J. Ginther announced today that he will convene a Recovery and Resiliency Advisory Committee whose goal is to provide advice and counsel on how the city, public sector, non-profit and private sector partners can support an inclusive economic recovery strategy, build community resiliency, promote shared prosperity and better position all residents to endure future economic challenges. 

“The economic crisis of COVID-19 has literally impacted every corner of our community,” said Mayor Ginther. “I am calling together the best minds to tackle all of the challenges of our current situation and help build resiliency into all sectors to manage future challenges.”

COVID-19 has resulted in a public health crisis that has disproportionately impacted minorities, both physically and financially, exposing disparities that existed prior to the virus. The ensuing human services crisis and economic challenges are having a greater negative economic impact on minority communities and lower wage earners. 

The committee will focus on two areas: human services (affordable housing, housing evictions reduction, food security, childcare) and economic recovery (job readiness, digital inclusion, accessible mobility options, small business support, travel/tourism/cultural institutions).

Christie Angel, President and CEO of YWCA, has agreed to chair the committee.

“COVID-19 has exposed needs and deficiencies in our community, plunging us into a sea of disruption, uncertainty and survival. Through it all our community has shown that it can rise up against difficult challenges and respond to the most daunting threats,” said Angel.  “Now is the time to come together to create a plan for repair and progress beyond this pandemic.  I want to thank Mayor Ginther for having the vision to begin this work and I look forward to working with him and all of the members of the committee.” 

“Now is the best time to capture lessons from this crisis and build new resiliency into our systems,” said Council President Shannon Hardin, who will serve on the committee. “Christie Angel is well-suited to lead this effort as our community works to combat racism and fights to ensure dignity for all.” 

The Committee’s work will initially consist of briefings on various topics to assess the pandemic’s impact on the economy and its effect on local businesses and human service providers. Working groups will then be formed to identify and develop recommendations and solutions to report back to the full committee.

Here is the list of those who have agreed to serve on the committee to date. A complete list of committee members will be available the week of September 21.