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Background At Mayor Ginther’s 2020 State of the City address, Mayor Ginther committed the City of Columbus to pursuing community choice aggregation with a goal to implement a program that provides 100% clean, renewable energy by 2022. In order to meet the goal, the City of Columbus has placed community choice aggregation on the November 3, 2020 ballot. Columbus residents will then have the opportunity to vote on a 100% clean energy community choice aggregation program.

What is Community Choice Aggregation? Community choice aggregation is an easy and effective way for local officials to contract for competitively priced electricity based on group buying power for its residents. Under community choice aggregation, the City of Columbus will contract to provide residents and small businesses competitively priced, clean electricity from a retail generation supplier certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

To learn more, watch this 2-minute video: 

In addition, Columbus GreenSpot held a webinar on CCA to discuss how it works and how it's tied into Columbus' broader Sustainable Columbus work. To view a recording of this webinar, click here

Benefits of Community Choice Aggregation - 100% clean energy sourced from wind, solar, and battery storage
- Clean energy jobs through an increased demand for local renewable energy
- Competitive pricing through bulk-purchase and community choice

Community Choice Aggregation Advisory Group The City convened an advisory group to meet twice per month in September and October 2020 to collect stakeholder feedback and discuss the community choice aggregation program. The meeting schedule and related materials can be viewed below. 

Advisory Group Meeting 1: September 10, 2020
-Slide Deck
-Link to Recording, password 3FpS4G3* 

Advisory Group Meeting 2: September 24, 2020
-Slide Deck 
-Link to Recording (direct download)

Advisory Group Meeting 3: October 8, 2020
-Slide Deck
-Link to Recording,password fK*m5AaD 

Advisory Group Meeting 4: October 22, 2020 
-Slide Deck
-Link to Recording
, password j?@WFc39 

Advisory Group Meeting 5: December 11, 2020 
-Slide Deck
-Link to Recording, password j3I7z*9s 

Timeline February 2020: Mayor Ginther announces City’s commitment to pursue CCA.
February 2020: City releases competitive bid for an Aggregation Consultant.
May 2020: City Council approves Trebel Energy as Aggregation Consultant.
June 2020: City issues public, competitive bid for a preferred supplier.
July 2020: City holds virtual Public Hearing on community choice aggregation.
July 2020: City Council passes legislation to place community choice aggregation on the November ballot.
August 2020: City “kicks-off” aggregation and announces preferred supplier.
September 2020: City holds second virtual Public Hearing on community choice aggregation.
September & October 2020: City engaging with Community Choice Aggregation Advisory Group.
November 2020: Election.

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