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Columbus Traffic Signal System Project Phase F

Benefits and Description of Project:

The existing Columbus Traffic Signal System (CTSS) was conceived and initiated in the 1970s to provide state-of-the-art control for its time. The system allows for monitoring and operating more than 1,000 signalized intersections, co-existence/operation of traffic surveillance cameras, and emergency pre-emption. The City of Columbus is implementing infrastructure changes to migrate the CTSS to an open architecture that can serve central Ohio stakeholders with system connectivity and interoperability. Future investments for the CTSS will continue to build upon previous investments as specified by the Columbus Traffic Signal System Assessment and Strategic Plan, November 2005.

CTSS Phase F is the sixth phase in a series of projects to migrate all Columbus traffic signals to a new central traffic control system. This project will upgrade traffic signal and communications infrastructure at approximately 175 intersections citywide. The communications network will be expanded at 50 intersections already connected to the CTSS central system located at the Columbus Traffic Management Center, and 75 traffic signals will be added to the system.

In addition, the project will add roadside unit equipment for connected vehicle operations at 50 intersections. Six proposed fiber optic access communications node sites and 35 CCTV traffic flow monitors will also be constructed as part of the project. This will be accomplished by installing new fiber optic interconnect cable underground in trenched and bored conduit, or aerially along proposed and existing utility poles.

Phase F expands the ability for interagency data exchange for the Department of Public Service and Department of Technology, as part of the Citywide Connectivity and TechColumbus goals, with other agencies in the metropolitan Columbus region. The design will support regional integration activities and the communications approach recommended by the Signal System Assessment and Strategic Plan.


Design: 1/2019 to 12/2022
Construction: 5/2023 to 5/2025
Status: Design


Design: $2.4 million
Construction and Inspection: $12 million

Contact Information:

Project Manager for Design: Ryan Bollo, P.E., (614) 645-3946
Designer: HNTB Corporation
Construction Contractor: TBD

Project Limits include, but are not limited to:

SR 33 from I-70 to Hamilton Rd

Alum Creek Drive from I-270 to Refugee Road

Hamilton Road from SR-161 to Central College

Bethel Road from Sawmill Road to Olentangy River Road

Sawmill Road from Henderson Road to I-270

Henderson Road from Sawmill Road to High Street

Other upgraded corridors include: E. 5th Ave, Gemini Place, Polaris Parkway, Worthington Rd, Morse Rd, High St, Roberts Rd, W. 5th Ave, W. 3rd Ave, Lane Ave, Northwest Blvd, Woodland Ave, Refugee Rd, Winchester Pike, Noe-Bixby Rd, Smoky Row Rd, Snouffer Rd, Avery Rd, Hayden Run Rd, W. Case Rd, North Broadway, Oakland Park Ave, E. Weber Rd, King Ave, Woodward Ave, Sunbury Rd, Sullivant Ave, Trabue Rd, Gender Rd, Gantz Rd, Joyce Ave, N. Nelson Rd, Airport Dr, and other isolated intersections.