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The Applications are in, Council Residential Districting Commission Moves Forward

Over 120 Residents Apply to Serve on the Districting Commission to Draw Residential Maps Creating Council Districts

[COLUMBUS-OH] Columbus City Council received 123 applications to serve on the Council Residential Districting Commission (CRDC).  In 2018, Columbus residents passed a charter amendment to enhance neighborhood advocacy and amplify community voices inside City Hall. The vote added two Council seats to bring the total number to nine while establishing residential districts for each seat. The members of the CRDC will draw the residency maps to be used by Council beginning with the 2023 elections.

“I am grateful to the diverse group of residents, from all parts of the city, who want to serve our City in this capacity,” said Councilmember Emmanuel V. Remy. “The creation of the Council Residential Districting Commission is another step forward to enhance neighborhood advocacy and amplify the voice of the community in the legislative process.”

The application process closed on January 21, 2021.

“This is an opportunity to ensure geographic diversity on Council and unify our neighborhoods,” said Council President Shannon G. Hardin. “The CRDC will lay the foundation for the future of the City’s legislature.”

In accordance with the Charter requirements, the CRDC will consist of five members; four will be appointed by Council. The Mayor and Council President will select the final member who will also serve as commission chair. A shortlist of candidates to move on to the next phase of the application process will be selected by February 5, 2021.

The candidates will be invited to a public hearing scheduled for February 10, 2021, and given the opportunity to provide a three-minute synopsis on why they wish to serve on the commission. The commission members will be seated no later than March 1, 2021, to begin drawing the maps.

The recommendations made by the CRDC will require a vote of Council. However, Council cannot make any changes to the maps except as necessary to ensure compliance with the Charter.

The applicants’ names are listed below in the order the applications were received.

David Paul

John Row

Arthur  Hill

Napoleon Bell II

Anthony Anselmo

Glennon Sweeney

Rob Moore

Chris Hodges

Brigitte Christmon

Patrick Deering

Patrick Barnacle

Christopher Kutasy

Luis Gil

Robert Leis

Ryan Branch

Bryan Williamson

Casey McCarty

Roy Lowenstein

Jennifer Chamberlain

Brandyn McElroy

Rita Fuller-Yates

Marcie Meyers

Mary Barczak

James Bable

Jason Warner

Nicholas Young

Rebecca Walcott

John Lathram

Terrence Gilchrist

Malik Moore

Brian Higgins

Vernon Morrison

Tracy Ross

Robert Axelrad

Carlos Henderson

Mary Myers

Nicole Kraft

Carol Prigan

Connor McMahon

Sydney Zhou

Fannisha Page

Kamren McNeal

Timothy Johnson

Farxaan Jeyte

Michael Cornelis

Rodney Wollam

Averi Frost

Terry Roofe

Michele Boni

Esther Bage

Clifford Widener

Giancarlo Del Vita

Tracy Geeslin

Cathren Watts

Jared Wilson

Jerome Smith

Carla Leppert

Christopher Carver

Terrence Gilchrist

Elizabeth Shell

Joshua Cartee

Luis Orozco

Tranee Davis

Michael Lewandowski

Dorian Sanford

Jibril Mohamed

Jayne Nelson

Terriseta Calloway

Larry Druggan

Cindy Barron

Joseph Reader

Adrienne Hood

Patrik Bowmman

Carol Hamilton

Michele Webb

Otis Buckner

Sonja Thompson

Christopher Blanton

James Mason

James Ryan

Joseph Stefanko

Libby Wetherholt

Pamela Shields

Roger Kapes

Leah Brudno

Angela Jann

Rick Redfern

Brian Estabrook

Suzette Whittington

Isaiah Shalwitz

Jackiethia Butsch

Dale Schuler

Jennifer Nichols



Josh Paxton

Ebony Williams

Eileen Neale

Darryl   Lisbon

Christopher Gawronski


Arica    Kress

Christopher Wyche

Monica Cerrezuela

Mohamed Hashi

Thomas Less

Herb Asher

Carol Herdman

Andrew Gantt

Walter Stafa

Ian King

James White

Adam Porr

Zach Rossfeld

Jeff Cabot

Gail Whalen

Emma Carroll

Bernard Hayman

Hannah Simon

Regina  Hanshaw

Amanda King

Sarah Ingles

Michael Salvadore

Austin Hill

J.M. Rayburn