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Fact Sheets on Trees (for kids!)

How old do trees get? The oldest living tree is 5,000 years old! However, most trees in Columbus do not live that long. But they did have really cool features and adaptations for our environment. 

For example, how tall are you? The American Sweetgum can grow as tall as 70 feet. That’s taller than your house. Check out more American Sweetgum facts here
Sweetgum resized

What about the Black Walnut? It is like a giant straw and can soak up 6,213 gallons of water per year. It must be thirsty! Check out more Black Walnut facts here.

Black Walnut fact sheet

The Eastern Redbud tree is a favorite of many people as it blooms early in the spring. Interestingly it is in the same family as legumes (beans and peas). What kind of birds have you seen in an Eastern Redbud? Check out more facts here
Eastern Redbud resized

One of the more popular trees is the Pawpaw. It is designated as the state native fruit! There are even festivals to celebrate this fruit that can be made into ice cream. Check out more Pawpaw facts here

Pawpaw fact sheet resized