Sustainable Columbus  
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Bryan M. Clark, MSEM
Chief Sustainability Officer
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Erin Beck
Assistant Sustainability Officer
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David Celebrezze
GreenSpot Coordinator
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Urban Forestry Master Plan The Columbus Urban Forestry Master Plan (UFMP) is a strategic and long-term investment in Columbus’ urban tree canopy. With the goal of addressing our urban tree canopy, the UFMP will engage stakeholders, both internal and external to city departments, review current operations and policies impacting trees, and recommend strategies to improve Columbus’ urban forest over the next decades. Read the latest update here.

Executive Order 2015-01 In 2015 then-Mayor Coleman signed the city’s Executive Order Tree Protection and Mitigation Policy. It applies to professional service and construction contracts in the City right-of-way, paid for with City dollars. The Order states that design professionals must minimize the number of trees removed or disturbed. The contractors must take care not to damage trees within project boundaries. If trees must be removed, the trees must be replaced or an equivalent amount of money must be paid to the Recreation and Parks Tree Fund to be planted in the City. The Executive Order outlines the size and number of trees that must be replanted when a tree is taken down.  Read more.

How to get a tree planted in the right of way If you would like to request a street tree be planted in the right of way, click the "learn more" button below. Make sure to choose the "Request clarification about a service request type" option. Learn more.

How can I help to plant more trees and care for newly planted trees?

Visit the links below to see how to help in your neighborhood: