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Indianola Avenue Complete Streets Study


The Indianola Avenue Complete Streets Study area encompasses portions of Clintonville and the University District. Indianola Avenue, also designated as U.S. Route 23, is a major thoroughfare traversing north and south in the north central region of the city. The study will examine the current traffic conditions in the corridor, taking into consideration connections to non-motorized transportation uses such as trails, sidewalks, and bikeways. A complete streets approach will balance the needs of different roadway users to:

  • Create a design that encourages motorists to drive at safe and reasonable travel speeds
  • Improve the pedestrian experience and create better bikeway connections
  • Accommodate safe and reliable transit service through the corridor
  • Develop a parking strategy that reasonably meets the needs of businesses, patrons, and residents

The study will ultimately identify near-term improvements that can be implemented within the available budget as well as a long-term plan for potential future improvements.

The Indianola Avenue Complete Streets Study is currently underway and is expected to be complete by Oct. 2021. 



Study Area Map
Safety Evaluation
Parking Utilization Memo
Public Meeting Slides 9/16/21
Public Meeting Comments 9/16/21
Public Engagement Report DRAFT

Note: The traffic capacity analysis documentation is forthcoming pending final revisions. The Public Engagement Report is currently in draft form as public comments are being submitted. A summary of comments and the public meeting overview will be added to the report after the comment period closes. 


Public Comments:

Please submit public comments here or to [email protected] by October 6, 2021.