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Indianola Avenue Complete Streets Study


In response to public feedback, the section between Weber Road and Midgard Road will be reconfigured to accommodate additional on-street parking spaces, while still maintaining continuous bike lanes. The two-way left turn lane will be removed in this section to allow for more on-street parking spaces to serve local businesses. Indianola Avenue will be repaved and restriped in 2024 as part of an urban repaving project in partnership with the Ohio    Department of Transportation. A northbound buffered bike lane will be added between Hudson and Arcadia, connecting to an existing bike lane on the west side of Hudson Street. An existing bike route on Arcadia Avenue will connect the Indianola bike lanes to the Summit Street cycle track. Bike lanes will continue north of Arcadia Avenue to Oakland Park Avenue.

With the new configuration, 48 on-street parking spaces will be available to patrons, residents, and visitors between Weber Road and Midgard Road. ADA Accessible Parking spaces, loading zone spaces, and bike parking will also be designated within the business district, though the number of spaces is yet to be determined. All on-street parking spaces on Indianola Avenue will be available at all times of the day, without peak time restrictions.

The addition of bike lanes on Indianola Avenue will fill a significant network gap and provide over 7 miles of continuous bike facilities from Downtown to Morse Road. Reducing the number of travel lanes and providing a bike facility will also help to improve safety and meet the goals of Vision Zero Columbus. Sidewalks between Weber Road and Midgard Road will be improved primarily on the east side of Indianola Avenue. Additional sidewalk locations will be assessed for improvement on the west side of Indianola Avenue north of Milford Avenue. High visibility crosswalks will be added at Cliffside Drive, Crestview Road, Milford Avenue, Walhalla Road, and all signalized intersections between Hudson Street and Oakland Park Avenue. Two bump-outs will be added at Milford Avenue and on the west-side of Indianola Avenue at Crestview Road and Walhalla Road.

Please see the “Indianola Project Updates – June 2022” document below to view renderings of the roadway in the business district.


The Indianola Avenue Complete Streets Study area encompasses portions of Clintonville and the University District. Indianola Avenue, also designated as U.S. Route 23, is a major thoroughfare traversing north and south in the north central region of the city. The study will examine the current traffic conditions in the corridor, taking into consideration connections to non-motorized transportation uses such as trails, sidewalks, and bikeways. A complete streets approach will balance the needs of different roadway users to:

  • Create a design that encourages motorists to drive at safe and reasonable travel speeds
  • Improve the pedestrian experience and create better bikeway connections
  • Accommodate safe and reliable transit service through the corridor
  • Develop a parking strategy that reasonably meets the needs of businesses, patrons, and residents

The study will ultimately identify near-term improvements that can be implemented within the available budget as well as a long-term plan for potential future improvements.


Study Area Map

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Clintonville Area Commission Meeting Presentation Slides, 12-2-21

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Indianola Project Updates – June 2022

Public Comments:

The public comment period has closed. If you have comments or questions about the study, please email [email protected] or call 614-645-3111.