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Council to Invest $9.8 Million in Transit and Mobility Infrastructure

Upgrades to sidewalks, transit, roadways, and street lighting aimed at improving safety, mobility and economic vitality

[Columbus, OH] Committed to creating a mobility and transit system that connects residents and builds prosperity, City Council is set to invest more than $9.8 million in multi-modal transportation and roadway improvements to keep Columbus moving. 

On Monday, June 28, 2021, Council will advance ordinances 1325-2021, 1428-2021, and 1451-2021 to invest in the next steps of the LinkUs initiative, improvements to East Broad Street between I-270 and New Albany Road and add miles of sidewalks to various sectors of the City.

“A million people could move to our region in the coming decades, but our infrastructure, the climate, and residents can’t handle a million more cars on the roads,” said Council President Shannon G. Hardin. “Tonight’s investment in the Northwest Corridor and new sidewalks is just one piece of building a full mobility system that provides transportation choices for residents.”

Ordinance 1451-2021 authorizes $4,500,000 for the LinkUS Northwest Corridor project - phase two. A partnership between The City of Columbus, the Central Ohio Transit Authority, Franklin County, and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, the LinkUS initiative aims to address challenges facing a growing region, including managing traffic congestion, ensuring equitable access to jobs and housing, promoting economic vitality, and improving sustainability. 

The overarching goal of the Northwest Corridor project is to provide high-capacity rapid transit that carries more people with greater reliability, more frequent service and fewer stops, resulting in shorter travel times. 

“While high capacity rapid transit is a core element of LinkUS, we’re also focused on bicycle and pedestrian connections, safety improvements, and new housing and job opportunities along these corridors,” Hardin continued. 

Ordinance 1428-2021 invests $3,122,959.33 for the initial phase of the East Broad Street arterial rehabilitation. 

“Ensuring our streets are safe for all forms of transportation is an essential goal of Council,” said Councilmember Shayla Favor. “We are actively working to reduce accidents, and we also need pedestrians and bicyclists to feel safe during their commutes to work and school.”  

Ordinance 1325-2021 dedicates $3,122,959.33 for the installation of sidewalks in target areas of the City.

Sidewalks will be installed on: 

  • Steele Avenue between Hague Avenue and Wheatland Avenue; 
  • Wicklow Road between Huron Road to Hague Avenue; 
  • Woodward Avenue from Woodland Avenue to Rosewood Avenue; 
  • East North Broadway from 130 feet west of Hamilton Avenue to Cleveland Avenue; 
  • Barnett Road from Livingston Avenue to Astor Avenue; 
  • and Chesterfield Road from Denver Road to the alley north of Denver Road. 

Consisting of two phases, the project will provide structural improvements to East Broad Street from east of I-270 to Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road. This includes traffic signal improvements, sidewalks, street lighting, street trees, and incidental improvements such as drainage, traffic control, water adjustments, and maintenance of traffic.

“As the City of Columbus continues to upgrade our sidewalks, streets and intersections, it’s critical that we hear from the community to identify our biggest problem areas,” said Favor. “I can’t wait to work with residents in the community on solving these problems together.”