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Living with or at risk of HIV? Get the support you deserve, not judgement. Find an ally for your health.

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Your voice is powerful — use it! Be an HIV Ally. 

The stigma surrounding HIV continues to be an issue as we work to prevent transmission and end the epidemic.  But HIV allies across Columbus are stepping up to help break through the stigma and become advocates for HIV education, understanding, and treatment. Why? Because stigma is often one of the main reasons that prevent people from accessing the HIV resources or treatment they need. 

So, who can be an HIV ally? Anyone! HIV allies are uniting all over Columbus, including health care providers, public health partners, influencers, and families and friends of people affected by HIV. But we need more to make the most significant impact. 

How to be an HIV ally

Together, we can fight the stigma and create a safe community where those living with HIV are treated with dignity and respect. Below are some simple things you can do to be an ally and advocate for people affected by HIV in your community.

  • Recognize that stigma disproportionately affects people based on gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, gender identity, drug use, or sex work
  • Download our fact sheet to learn more about HIV (Spanish version here)
  • Have fearless conversations about HIV and the stigma attached to it, using supportive and compassionate language (Spanish version here)
  • Speak up when you hear misconceptions about HIV
  • Share your knowledge with friends and family
  • Speak up and show your support on social media
  • Learn about the decriminalization of HIV laws
  • Become a social media influencer for the campaign

    Share your story and become an influencer

    Influence is everything, and the more people we have sharing their stories about HIV — the more we can fight the stigma attached to it. Speak up, share your story, and become an influencer for the Know HIV No Fear campaign.

    Become an influencer! Email us at [email protected]

    hiv influencer

    Volunteer and advocacy opportunities

    How can you help achieve a healthier and more equitable community? Take action and get involved. Reach out to the following organizations for volunteer and advocacy opportunities.

    • Equitas Health: Serving the underserved and providing care for all is the mission of Equitas Health.
    • Stonewall: A mission and vision to increase visibility, inclusion, and connection for the LGBTQ+ community so we can see a community where ALL of US thrive.
    • Kaleidoscope Youth Center: The longest-standing organization in Ohio solely dedicated to serving and supporting queer youth. 
    • African American Male Wellness Walk: A mission to increasing the life expectancy of African American men in physical health, mental health, financial health, fatherhood, and research.
    • Join the Central Ohio HIV Planning Alliance (COHPA)


    Find an ally in health care

    Find an ally in health care An ally in health care is more than a provider who gives you a check-up, writes a prescription, and sends you on your way. An ally is invested in your entire health and well-being — just like you! A health care ally is also someone you can trust and talk with openly, and who’s interested in helping you find treatment and prevention options that fit the way you want to live. Columbus has many allies in health care that envision a healthier community where everyone can access integrated medical care and supportive human services in a respectful setting — free of stigma and discrimination. If you’d like help getting connected to one of these providers, contact us at [email protected]

    2021 KHNF Dr Malvestutto Headshot

    Dr. Malvestutto - McCampbell Outpatient Care “There are amazing treatments that are so effective and safe now. You can do everything that you want to do in your life while living with HIV.”

    2021 KHNF Dr Washington Headshot

    Dr. Washington - Heart of Ohio Family Health “The key to treatment is allowing every patient to share their story. I assess each patient for treatment individually. Whether someone is apart of the LGBTQ+ community or not I strive to give each of my patients the best care possible. I view myself as a social worker and am here to help in any way possible.”

    KHNF 2021 Dr Beesley Headshot

    Dr. Beesley - AHF Healthcare Center - Columbus “I am a lifelong advocate for the LGBTQ+ and PWHIV (people with HIV) communities. I pledged my life's work to underserved populations and these communities. I felt it was important to proudly represent them to the best of my ability and give back to Ohio.”

    2021 KHNF Dr Braun

    Dr. Braun - Equitas Health “Throughout my 20+ year career, I have taken care of LGBTQ+ patients because I wanted to provide care and a welcoming healthcare environment to my community. I approach every conversation I have in a patient-centered way. It is important to me for the patient to feel affirmed and able to speak and question freely in any encounter with me.”

    2021 KHNF Dr Koletar

    Dr. Koletar - OSU Wexner Medical Center “I have been involved in the HIV/AIDS epidemic for the last 35 years and feel privileged to have helped change the course of this infection from being life-threatening to a manageable condition. The success of current treatments allows individuals to live long, healthy lives and has had a dramatic impact on minimizing the transmission of HIV. It’s important to approach all health care conversations with sincere concern and without judgment. I always tell my patients that we should all live every day to the fullest.”