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Growing Healthy Kids


Krizia Melendez, PhD, MPH, CHES
Health Program Manager, 
[email protected]


WFFT Making Community Level Change

Water First for Thirst is more than just a message, it is a movement to make water the easy, appealing, first choice for everyone.

Make Water the Easy Choice

Here are ways you can change the environment of your school, workplace or community and encourage everyone to drink more water.

  • Make water freely available 

  • Include water education and promotion - Educational Activities and Handouts/Signage (link)

  • Send email blasts and post to social media (images and sample content)

  • Have water filling stations installed (Bottle Filling Stations in Schools)

  • Inform guests where they can fill up

  • Serve only water and unsweetened beverages 

  • Add flavor with sliced lemons, oranges or fresh mint

  • Place water on all tables to allow for easy reach

Make a Long Lasting Impact

Change your vending 

  • Require half of the beverage vending slots to be filled with water.

  • Make water cheaper than other beverages.

  • Place water in the most visible location including the most visible vending slots.

  • Limit the number of options and portion sizes of sugary drinks that can be sold.

  • Institute a Healthy Workplace

    The American Heart Association’s Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit was created to help employers improve their food environment and promote a culture of health. It provides practical action steps and suggestions that are easy to understand and apply.  

Establish written policies to encourage more water

Create a More Just Food System

Institutions and businesses use strategic food purchasing to improve community health and advance health equity. Visit ChageLab Solutions Food and Beverage page to learn the power of procurement.