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SR 161 and Linworth Road Improvements


The project will add a two way left turn lane to SR 161 and left turn lanes at the Linworth Road intersection.  It will add shared use path (south side) and sidewalk (north side) on SR 161 from Thompson Street to Bellbrook Ct.  It will also add sidewalk on Linworth Road from Westbrook Ct to northern project limit near Mason Alley (eastside). Franklin County submitted a MORPC funding application for this project in 2020. ODOT is funding the design at 100%. Worthington (50%), Columbus (45%) and Perry Township (5%) are all contributing toward the local match for RW and Construction. Franklin County will perform the Construction Administration and Inspection.



Study: Spring 2022 – Spring 2023
Design: Spring 2023 – Late 2025
Right-of-way acquisition: Early 2024 – Late 2025
Utility Relocations: Spring 2025 – Spring 2026
Construction: Spring 2026 – Late 2026, subject to funding approval by City Council and weather conditions


Study: $100,000 (100% ODOT Funded)
Design: $400,000 (100% ODOT Funded) 
Right-of-way acquisition: $6M (Includes funding from MORPC ($4.8M), Worthington ($600,000), Columbus ($540,000), and Perry Township ($60,000))
Construction: $2.5 million (Includes funding from MORPC ($2.0M), Worthington ($250,000), Columbus ($225,000), and Perry Township ($25,000)). Franklin County will perform Construction Administration and Inspection.


City of Columbus design project manager: Hannah Webber, P.E., (614) 645-2859
Designer: Mead & Hunt
Construction contractor: To be determined