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SR 161 Phase 1 Part 2 - Parkville Street and Spring Run Drive

PID #114254

This project involves the preparation of detailed design plans for the improvements to Parkville street/Spring Run drive North and South of SR 161. These improvements will include the addition of pedestrian and bike facilities from Maple Canyon to Cleveland Ave, new traffic signals, pavement widening and resurfacing, raised medians on the side streets and the installation of mini-roundabouts on the side streets.


Design: 2020 – 2022
Right-of-way acquisition: 2022
Construction: 2023


Design: N/A (included with FRA-161-12.83 (AT MAPLE CANYON) PID# 110376 design costs)
Right-of-way acquisition: $400,000
Construction: $5,200,000


City of Columbus Design Project Manager: Tiffany Elchert, tel. (614) 645-2923
Designer: DLZ
Construction contractor: To be determined