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Sancus Boulevard Shared Use Path - Worthington-Galena Road to Worthington Woods Boulevard

Project Scope
This project consists of design for a new shared use path (SUP) along the west side of Sancus Boulevard from Lakeview Plaza Boulevard/Worthington-Galena Road to Worthington Woods Boulevard. Design of this project will be done under the 530161-100185 'Roadway Improvements - Sancus Blvd Widening' contract.

Estimated Costs:                                                 
Design: TBD
Right-of-way acquisition: $100,000
Construction: 1,670,000

Tentative Schedule:
Design: 2022
Right-of-way acquisition: 2023
Construction: 2024 -2025

Contact Information:
City of Columbus Design Project Manager: Tiffany Elchert, tel. (614) 645-2923
Designer: Kimley-Horn
Construction Contractor: TBD