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2nd Avenue Improvements - 6th Street to St. Clair Ave (Milo Grogan)

Bridge Rehab - UIRF - Milo Grogan Second Avenue Improvements

This project is situated primarily within Columbus’ Milo-Grogan neighborhood.  The project improves 2nd Avenue from approximately 6th Street to St. Claire Avenue.  This project will replace the deteriorating sidewalk, curb and curb ramps within the project limits. New curb extensions will be constructed along the north side of 2nd Avenue to better define the travel and parking lanes. The curb extensions will shorten the distance the pedestrian will have to cross the roadway and will provide more visibility to the traveling motorist that there is a pedestrian crossing. Between 6th Avenue and Grant Avenue, this project will repair existing retaining walls, construct new cast in place retaining walls as needed or remove the walls where grading provides this feasibility. Permeable pavers with underground storage will be installed in the parking lane and will improve the existing drainage conditions. New lighting throughout the corridor with underground circuits including pedestrian lighting. 2nd Avenue will be resurfaced with new striping.  Painted bike sharrows with be provided along 2nd Avenue from 4th Street to St. Claire Avenue. 

Project Fact Sheet

Estimated Costs:                                                  

Design: $664,000
Right-of-way acquisition: $300,000
Construction: $6,100,000

Tentative Schedule:
Design: 2018-2022
Right-of-way acquisition: 2022
Construction: 2023

Contact Information:
City of Columbus Design Project Manager: Tiffany Elchert, tel. (614) 645-2923
Designer: Arcadis
Construction Contractor: TBD