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Georgesville Road SHARED-USE-PATH

Project Scope: 
This project consists of installing a new shared use path (SUP) along the east side of Georgesville Road from Parkwick Drive to Sullivant Avenue (south leg, west of Georgesville). In addition to the SUP, the project will install curb ramps, drive aprons, and curb and storm sewer as needed. The project crosses a bridge over Scioto Big Run that will require modification to accommodate a 10' SUP. Stormwater control facilities will be upgraded as required.

Estimated Costs:

  • Design: $250,000
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition: $200,000
  • Construction: $1,600,000

Current Status: In Design


  • Design:  Scheduled to finish in spring 2023
  • Right of way: Finish acquisition fall 2023
  • Construction:  Begin Spring 2024

Contact Information:

  • Design Project Manager:  Kevin Thomas tel (614) 645-6470
  • Designer: E.L. Robinson
  • Contractor: To Be Determined