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News Release
News Date: March 17, 2022

City of Columbus Drinking Water Report Released

The recently completed annual City of Columbus Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report is now publicly available on the Department of Public Utilities’ website. The report shows that water delivered to the 1.2+ million consumers in central Ohio meets or exceeds Safe Drinking Water Act requirements and all other state and federal standards.  

“Just as Columbus did over a century ago, we continue to lead the way when it comes to water treatment," said Mayor Andrew J. Ginther.  "The upgrades and reinvestments that were made into our water plants the past several years now provide an even higher quality drinking water product." 

The report, based on testing data from 2021, includes details about the city's drinking water quality from its three water plants. To ensure regulatory compliance and customer safety, the Division of Water's Water Quality Assurance Laboratory staff complete thousands of tests each year related to different organic, inorganic and microbiological water quality parameters.  The EPA requires that all water utilities distribute reports on source and treated water quality to their customers.  

The Columbus report can be viewed at Printed copies can be requested through the Call Center at 614-645-8276 or e-mail [email protected]. Customers with any water quality questions or concerns may call the Columbus Water Quality Assurance Laboratory at 614-645-7691.