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News Date: March 31, 2022

City Leaders Announce $19 million to Support Human Service Efforts Throughout Columbus

Mayor Andrew J. Ginther today joined Columbus City Council President Shannon Hardin and Councilmember Shayla D. Favor to announce $19 million for local human services organizations working to address homelessness, infant vitality and workforce preparedness, among other critical social needs.

“This funding recognizes that housing, health and well-being, and job readiness are central to quality of life and upward mobility,” said Mayor Ginther. “By supporting these organizations and taking into full account the disparate impacts of COVID-19, we are one step closer to ensuring that every resident is stably housed and within reach of the resources they need to achieve their full potential.”

Of the $19 million that was announced, $4.4 million will be directed to 40 human services organizations that were originally selected in 2019 as part of a competitive two-year funding cycle. These organizations then received continuation funding in 2021 to address ongoing hardships resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. This latest allocation represents the fourth and final year of continuation funding. Additional allocations include $5.4 million in annual funding for the Community Shelter Board, also from the city’s general fund, and $4.5 million in surge funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) for other local shelter services. Columbus City Council will consider the legislation authorizing these funds at its regular meeting on Monday, April 4.

“Council and the city are continuing to invest in critical human service and housing infrastructure to fight poverty in Columbus,” said Council President Hardin. “Shelters are finding it increasingly difficult to help our neighbors secure new housing due to ever-increasing demand for an inadequate number of good-quality houses and apartments. Council legislating this financial infusion is critical to help those shelters manage longer stays and help residents find their next place to live.”

“Columbus is facing a housing and homelessness crisis which has been underscored by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Access to safe, affordable housing is a leading determinant of income, wealth, health and overall quality of life. This funding is going to have an incalculable impact on the city and help support our partners in a continued effort to reach and protect the most vulnerable among us,” said Councilmember Favor. “Organizations such as Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio Inc. and YWCA have taken extra steps to help families get back on their feet by preventing evictions and providing necessary health care at no cost. We are being intentional with our funding and support, and are supporting communities who need it most. While this is a tremendous step in the right direction, we must continue to distribute funding to organizations on the ground.”

Funding packages include:

  • 4-Year Emergency Human Service Continuation Funding (to more than 40 organizations): $4,364,907
  • Annual Community Shelter Board Funding: $5,389,650
  • Shelter Services Funding: $4,499,940
    • YWCA: $1,711,600
    • YMCA: $1,070,503
    • Southeast: $370,503
    • Maryhaven: $90,611
    • Faith Mission: $1,256,723

City leaders also announced a new competitive three-year funding process utilizing $5 million in ARPA dollars. Allocation decisions will prioritize organizations focused on infant mortality, homelessness and housing instability among immigrant and refugee populations. Applications will be accepted beginning in April 2022, with a City Council vote and grant distribution expected later this year.