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About the Study

The City of Columbus along with a consultant team led by WSP is undertaking a comprehensive multimodal transportation study for downtown Columbus. The purpose of the study is to determine a multimodal network for downtown, while addressing the needs of a variety of users and the projected growth of downtown residents and workers. The project team will be assessing several corridors through technical analysis and traffic modeling, including the feasibility of potential street reconfiguration, traffic operations analysis, right-of-way impacts, parking/curbside management, multi-modal connections, safety needs, and design trade-offs in order to recommend a series of preferred alternatives. Concepts have been proposed in the 2022 Downtown Strategic Plan process, the LinkUS rapid transit corridor planning and design efforts, and other aligned initiatives.


The results of this study will ultimately inform the proposed LinkUS rapid transit routes for the West Broad, East Main, and Northwest Bus Rapid Transit Corridors in downtown Columbus. The study will also recommend improvements for pedestrian and bicycle facilities throughout downtown and connections to existing trails and destinations. The study kicked off in early January 2023 and will be completed by fall of 2023.