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History: 1930-1949

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History: 1930-1949

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  • The Great Depression
  • 70% cut in budget in 1932
  • 55 tennis courts in 1930 cut to 40 by 1936
  • One park acquired until 1941
  • WPA Projects (1935-1939) included
  • Improvements to playgrounds and fields
  • Improvements at Indian Village Camp and Griggs Reservoir


  • Cassady Park


  • Sunshine Community Center built by Public Service (demolished and replaced in 2006 as Dodge Community Center)
    Sunshine Community Center


  • Recreation Commission Formed
    Playing Horseshoes


  • Fuller Farm Property acquired and in 1949 named Whetstone Park to perpetuate the name the first settlers gave the Olentangy River.
    Fuller Farm 2  Fuller Farm 1 

    Ray Dietz, appointed Superintendent
    Parks & Forestry

    Part of the Public Service Department and oversaw parks and street trees. From the mid 1940’s to the early 1960’s, the Division ‘s special events were widely known throughout the city of Columbus. Annual Flower Shows on the City Hall grounds drew thousands of daily visitors First flower show held in 1944 and grew substantially over the following years that highlighted 15,000 chrysanthemums (250 varieties), floral and landscaping exhibits The outdoor shows are the predecessor of today’s indoor Home and Garden show.



  • 135,000 trees on Columbus city streets, 50% American Elm Dutch Elm Disease hit the United States in 1945 and spread rapidly.

    Superintendent Ray Dietz reported to Mayor Rhodes the City removals on streets will cost $1,000,000 minimum with additional $50,000 for equipment and a crew of 100 men for 5 years.

    Forestry: Neighborhood  Forestry: Street Trees 1
    Forestry: Workers Pose  Forestry: Truck 


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