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Office: 614.221.3132
Fire Prevention Bureau : 614.645.7641

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Fire Prevention Bureau FAQ's


  • Can I pay with my credit card over the phone?
  • We've moved.  Can you change the address on my permit?
  • I've sold my business.  Can you send invoices to the new owner?
  • I just took over a business that has a permit. What do I need to do?
  • How do I cancel a permit that I no longer need?
  • How can I get answers about my annual permit?
  • How do I obtain a burn permit?
  • How do I obtain a occupancy sign/permit/Invoice?
  • How do I receive a Public Assembly Permit Application?


  • Are teachers allowed to hang up in hallway/classroom ceilings and walls any kind of decorative materials?
  • Are teachers allowed to conduct class in the hallway throughout the day?
  • How are school inspections done throughout the year?
  • What are the procedures a school is to follow in the event of an alarm sounding off?
  • What is the fire code for the storage of Flammable Liquids?
  • Is there a fire code against space heater in the workspace?
  • Can we have our High/Rise evacuation plan reviewed by someone in the Fire Department?
  • Should stairway doors on every other floor be locked from the stairwell side?
  • Should a building classified under the grandfather clause be required to have sprinklers in it?
  • Can there be a live Christmas tree placed anywhere in the building?
  • What form would I use to keep track of Fire Drills?

Short Term Rentals (Airbnb)


  • How do I obtain a permit to install, repair or remove a tank?  Or if you have questions please refer to the High Hazard section.  

Festivals/Temporary Events

  • How do I get an application?
  • What is the inspection procedure?
  • What requirements are there for propane gas at an event?

Mobile Food Vendors (Food Trucks & Trailers,Pushcarts)

  • What are you looking for when you inspect my Food Truck, Food Trailer or Pushcart?
  • How do I get an inspection?
  • How does Columbus Mobile Food Vendors differ from the State?


  • How do I get an application?
  • Are there licensing requirements?

Daycare Home

  • How do I have my home or daycare inspected?
  • What is the cost?
  •  What do I need to pass the inspection?
  • Should fire extinguisher be mounted?
  •  Does the Treasury Department take Visa or Master Card for the fees over the phone?

Plans Review

  • What fees are required for plans review of Sprinklers Systems, Automatic Fire Alarm Systems, Manual Fire Alarm Systems, Automatic Extinguishing Systems, Fire Pumps and Standpipe Systems?
  • Who should we submit drawings to for the fire protection systems permits?
  • How many fire extinguishers do we need and what location should they be in for an office, warehouse, retail/groceries store?
  • If there is more than two strobe lights in your direct line of site should they be synchronized?
  • What type, size, color, location, illumination of exit light is required in a building?


  • Can I request Confined Space Rescue team to standby at a job site?