Berliner Park Sewer Improvements

Capital Improvement Project Number 650742 - Scheduled for park's off-season

The purpose of this project is to make improvements to sanitary and storm sewers within and adjacent to Berliner Park. Sanitary service in the park is provided by the Dry Flow combined sewer (constructed in the late 1800’s) and a sanitary sewer along Greenlawn Avenue. During periods of high flows both sewers can back up and overflow from manholes into the park.

Surface water ponding is also a problem in the park. Existing sewers which are connected to the Dry Flow sewer experience backups and overflows during periods of high flows. It is proposed to abandon the Dry Flow sewer as part of this project and provide additional storm drainage for the park.

The Division of Recreation and Parks plans to expand facilities, which will require additional sanitary sewers and improved storm drainage.

Columbus has requested financial assistance from the Ohio Water Pollution Control Loan Fund for this project. Construction cost is estimated at $3 million.Key components of the project include:

  • Improve storm drainage within the park by utilizing green infrastructure, a method which infiltrates runoff near its source and captures pollutants from being transported to nearby surface waters.
  • Install a grinder pump and associated infrastructure at each park facility.
  • The Dry Flow combined sewer will be filled and abandoned under this project.
  • A storm pumping station will be installed to augment the Greenlawn Avenue sewer.

The City of Columbus expects minimal disruption to park activities because the contract limits the construction season when the contractor may work within the park. Major construction activity will occur in the fall of 2011 and 2012. See a map of the project area.

Any questions or comments can be directed to:

Columbus Department of Public Utilities
• George J. Zonders at (614) 645-2926 or by email 

Columbus Recreation and Parks Department
• Rick Miller at (614) 645-3385 or by email
• Mollie O’Donnell at (614) 645-3308 or by email
• Jack Castle (Sports Office) at (614) 645-3322 or by email
• Tim Donovan (Athletic Complex Permitting) at (614) 645-3321 or by email

The Ohio EPA has completed a Limited Environmental Review for this project. The document may be viewed on Ohio EPA’s site or in hard copy from Ohio EPA. If you would like to receive either an electronic copy via e-mail or a paper copy of the document via U.S. mail upon its release, please contact Dan Halterman of Ohio EPA at (614) 644-3658 or by email.