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Success Stories: Amber Jones

Columbus Public Health
Public Health Program Planner

Amber Jones

The primary motivation to change my lifestyle began soon after giving birth to my daughter in 2006

As a result of poor eating habits and physical inactivity, I had reached a whopping 280lbs and developed gestational diabetes, putting me at an increased risk for developing Type II diabetes.  I slowly began exercising and working to achieve a healthier lifestyle. When my husband, asked me to marry him, I had added incentive to lose the weight in order to be the beautiful bride that I always had dreamed of.  Unfortunately, my attempt was not successful, as I wore a size 18 when I got married in May of 2008. 

On March 17, 2009, I had a conversation with my mother and I vividly recall her saying to me “Amber, I am not going to turn fifty with all this weight, you have to help me.”  She and I made plans to begin exercising that following Saturday. Sadly, on March 19, 2009 she passed away at the age of 45 due to a rare heart disease that was a surprise to our entire family.  At that point, my hobby became my passion!

My desire to encourage, inspire and motivate others to take action in leading healthier lives grew stronger by the day.  Soon after, I became a Zumba Instructor (I love to dance) and got involved in a host of other health-related activities.  Even though I cannot help my mother at this point, I can help someone else’s mother, sister, aunt, uncle or cousin.  

Through exercise, proper water intake and healthier eating, I began to shed those unwanted pounds. I never took a diet pill, or was active in any “diets” I truly made a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!  Every day I encourage others to do the same; hence the reason I became a certified Group Fitness Instructor and Wellness/Nutrition Coach.

Life is too short, and we only have one temple!